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Linda Fairstein | The Bone Vault
12-Sep-04: crime, thriller

Linda Fairstein | The Kills
05-Sep-04: crime

Duncan Falconer | First into Action
18-Jul-05: biography, history, politics, society

Duncan Falconer | The Hostage
14-Jul-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Duncan Falconer | The Bomb Surgeon
28-Jun-05: fiction

Duncan Falconer | The Protector
27-Nov-06: fiction

Duncan Falconer | The Hijack
18-Jul-05: thriller

Patricia Fara | Science: A Four Thousand Year History
17-Jan-09: history, science

Steven Farmer | Animal Spirit Guides
01-Jun-06: occult

Roopa Farooki | Bitter Sweets
06-Jun-07: fiction

Mark Featherstone-Witty | LIPA in Pictures
22-Jan-06: art, education, music

Mark Featherstone-Witty | Optimistic, Even Then
20-Jan-06: art, business, education, music

Bruce Feiler | Abraham
09-Jun-05: biography, history, travel

Bruce Feiler | Where God Was Born
08-Jun-05: history, travel

Patricia Ferguson | Peripheral Vision
11-May-07: fiction

James Fergusson | The Vitamin Murders
15-Apr-07: crime, health and fitness, society

Katie Fforde | Flora's Lot
20-Feb-05: fiction

Katie Fforde | Restoring Grace
18-Feb-05: fiction, romance

David Fiddimore | Tuesday's War
12-Oct-05: fiction

Kate Figes | Life After Birth
22-Nov-04: health and fitness

Kate Figes | The Terrible Teens
08-Nov-04: society

Kate Figes | The Big Fat Bitch Book
04-Oct-06: family and lifestyle, humour, society

Joseph Finder | Power Play
01-Mar-08: thriller

Joseph Finder | High Crimes
01-Mar-08: thriller

Joseph Finder | Killer Instinct
01-Mar-08: thriller

Joseph Finder | Paranoia
01-Mar-08: thriller

Joseph Finder | No Hiding Place
01-Mar-08: thriller

Anne Fine | Up on Cloud Nine
23-Nov-04: children's

Anne Fine | The Road of Bones
26-Apr-06: children's, fiction

Victoria Finlay | Colour: Travels Through the Paintbox
25-Nov-04: history, society, travel

Tibor Fischer | Voyage to the End of the Room
28-Dec-04: fiction

Tibor Fischer | Under the Frog
20-Dec-04: fiction

Deborah Fisher | Princesses of Wales
01-Aug-05: biography, history

Charlie Fletcher | Stone Heart
16-Oct-06: children's, fiction

Susan Fletcher | Eve Green
16-Jun-05: fiction

Katie Flynn | Darkest Before Dawn
04-Dec-05: fiction

Helena Fone | Emotional Freedom Technique for Dummies
05-Oct-08: body mind and spirit

Colin Forbes | No Mercy
24-Sep-04: thriller

Colin Forbes | The Cell
27-Sep-04: thriller

G M Ford | Black River
30-Aug-04: crime, thriller

Catherine Forde | Tug of War
19-Mar-07: fiction

Frederick Forsyth | Avenger
10-Sep-04: thriller

Frederick Forsyth | The Afghan
04-Oct-06: thriller

Richard Fortey | The Earth
10-Sep-04: science

Sebastien Foucan | Freerunning: Find Your Way
24-Jun-08: body mind and spirit, family and lifestyle, health and fitness, philosophy, sport

Christopher Foyle | Foyle's Philavery
31-Jul-07: reference

Cheryl Frampton | For Crying Out Loud
10-Jul-05: biography

Clare Francis | Homeland
25-Oct-05: fiction

Merlin Fraser | Inner Space
13-Jun-08: thriller

Liz Fraser | The Yummy Mummy's Survival Guide
27-Feb-06: health and fitness

Liz Fraser | Yummy Mummy's Ultimate Survival Guide
26-Mar-07: family and lifestyle, society

Cynthia Freeland | Portraits and Persons
19-Aug-10: art, history, philosophy

Charles Freeman | The Closing of the Western Mind
10-Nov-04: history

Timothy Freke | The Gospel of the Second Coming
12-Jul-07: fiction, humour, philosophy

Vivian French | The Tiara Club
30-Sep-06: children's, fiction

Jo Frost | Supernanny
29-Mar-05: family and lifestyle

John Fullerton | A Hostile Place
12-Sep-04: crime, thriller

Adrian Furnham | Management Mumbo-Jumbo
14-Mar-06: business, reference, society

Kate Furnivall | Under a Blood Red Sky
04-Aug-08: fiction

Frances Fyfield | The Art of Drowning
05-Apr-06: crime, fiction, thriller

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