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George Hagen | The Laments
07-Jun-05: fiction

Jennie Hale | The Nature Diary of an Artist
31-May-07: art

Rich Hall | Things Snowball
26-Nov-04: humour

Joanna Hall | The 24 Hour Diet
14-Feb-06: family and lifestyle, food and drink, health and fitness

William Hall | 70 not out
30-Jun-05: biography

Steven Hall | The Raw Shark Texts
11-Mar-08: fiction

Jon Halliday | Sirk on Sirk
27-Nov-06: art, biography

Roman Halter | Roman's Journey
11-Feb-07: biography, history, memoir, society

David Hamilton | Destiny Vs. Free Will
14-May-08: body mind and spirit, health and fitness

David Hamilton | How The Mind Can Heal the Body
13-May-08: body mind and spirit, education, health and fitness, science

David R. Hamilton | How The Mind Can Heal the Body
16-Jun-08: body mind and spirit, education, health and fitness

David Hamilton | It's the Thought that Counts: Why Mind Over Matter Really Works
14-May-08: biography, body mind and spirit, education, health and fitness

Sheila Hancock | Ramblings of an Actress
01-Jul-05: biography, memoir

Sheila Hancock | The Two of Us: My Life with John Thaw
30-Jun-05: biography, memoir

Michele and Amy Hanson | Living with Mother
17-Aug-06: biography

Michele Hanson | Treasure
20-Aug-06: biography, humour

Maeve Haran | Froth on the Cappuccino
09-Mar-08: family and lifestyle

Maeve Haran | Husband Material
28-Aug-05: fiction

Titania Hardie | Frangipani Fairies
03-Apr-07: children's

Tim Harford | The Undercover Economist
21-Feb-06: business, politics, society

Tim Harford | The Logic of Life
09-Nov-07: family and lifestyle, politics, society

Dr Dawn Harper | Dr Dawn's Health Check
26-Mar-07: family and lifestyle, health and fitness

Alison Penton Harper | Housewife Down
10-Oct-05: fiction

Ainsley Harriott | Friends and Family Cookbook
19-Jun-06: food and drink

Ainsley Harriott | The Feel-Good Cookbook
18-Jun-06: food and drink

Ainsley Harriott | Meals in Minutes
19-Jun-06: food and drink

Joanne Harris | Gentlemen and Players
31-Oct-05: fiction

Robert Harris | Pompeii
06-Oct-04: fiction

Joanne Harris | Coastliners
09-May-05: fiction

Joanne Harris | Five Quarters of the Orange
20-May-05: fiction

Jane Harris | The Observations
15-Mar-07: fiction

Joanne Harris | Holy Fools
20-Sep-04: fiction

Joanne Harris | Jigs and Reels
12-Sep-04: fiction

Kate Harrison | Old School Ties
11-May-05: fiction

Kate Harrison | The Starter Marriage
08-May-05: fiction

Sarah Harrison | The Dreaming Stones
08-Nov-04: fiction

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles | Harte's Desire
09-Apr-08: fiction

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles | Game Over
16-Apr-08: crime, fiction

Lilian Harry | A Promise to Keep
13-Sep-04: fiction

Alice Hart | Alice's Cookbook
03-Aug-10: food and drink

Duff Hart-Davis | Fauna Britannica
25-Oct-04: reference

Bob Hartman | Mr. Aesop's Story Shop
10-Aug-10: children's

Jacqueline Harvey | Your Wealth is Your Health
15-Nov-07: food and drink, health and fitness

Graham Harvey | We Want Real Food
06-Mar-06: food and drink, science, society

John Harvey Jones | Making It Happen
09-Jun-05: business

Chris Haslam | Twelve Step Fandango
11-Oct-04: fiction

Chris Haslam | Alligator Strip
15-May-05: fiction

Roy Hattersley | Borrowed Time: The Story of Britain Between the Wars
06-Jul-07: history, politics, society

Roy Hattersley | The Edwardians
02-Sep-04: biography

Roy Hattersley | John Wesley: A Brand from the Burning
21-Jan-05: biography, history

Annie Hawes | Ripe for the Picking
13-Dec-05: biography, travel

Lucy Hawking | George's Secret Key to the Universe
28-Sep-07: children's, science

Donna Hay | No Place for a Woman
03-Mar-06: fiction

Mo Hayder | Ritual
26-Mar-08: thriller

Mo Hayder | Tokyo
10-Feb-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Sam Hayes | Blood Ties
09-Jul-07: fiction

Suzie Hayman | Stepfamilies
28-Oct-05: family and lifestyle

Natalie Haynes | The Great Escape
17-Jul-07: children's

Julie Hearn | Rowan the Strange
18-Mar-09: children's

John Heilbron | Galileo
25-May-10: biography

Henry Hemming | In Search of the English Eccentric
10-Jun-08: philosophy, travel

Lauren Henderson | Exes Anonymous
31-Jan-05: fiction

Jack Henderson | Maximum Impact
23-Mar-07: fiction, thriller

Lauren Henderson | Jane Austen's Guide to Dating
01-Feb-05: romance, society

Josie Henley-Einion | Silence
28-May-08: fiction

Veronica Henry | Honeycote
30-Jun-05: fiction

Veronica Henry | Making Hay
30-Jun-05: fiction

Veronica Henry | Wild Oats
03-Jul-05: fiction

Veronica Henry | An Eligible Bachelor
14-Jun-05: fiction

Ian Henshall | 9/11 The New Evidence
21-Mar-07: history, politics, society

Lee Henshaw | Queer Fish in God's Waiting Room
02-Jun-08: fiction

Jo Herbert | Writers' & Artists' Yearbook
23-Apr-08: reference

Marilyn Heward Mills | Cloth Girl
28-Feb-06: fiction

David Hewson | The Lizard's Bite
22-Mar-08: crime, thriller

David Hewson | The Garden of Evil
18-Mar-08: thriller

David Hewson | The Sacred Cut
07-Apr-08: thriller

David Hewson | A Season for the Dead
01-Apr-08: thriller

David Hewson | The Villa of Mysteries
22-Mar-08: thriller

David Hewson | The Seventh Sacrament
21-Mar-08: crime, fiction

David Hewson | The Promised Land
07-Apr-08: thriller

Jeremy Hicks | Dziga Vertov: Defining Documentary Film
28-Apr-08: reference, text book

F.E. Higgins | The Black Book of Secrets
19-Jan-07: children's

Tobias Hill | The Cryptographer
24-Nov-04: fiction

Stuart Hill | The Cry of the Icemark
23-Feb-06: children's

Eric Hill | Spot's Playbook
02-May-07: children's

Tobias Hill | Underground
26-Nov-04: thriller

Tobias Hill | The Love of Stones
25-Nov-04: fiction

Lisa Hilton | The Real Queen of France
09-Nov-04: biography

Victoria Hislop | The Island
08-May-06: fiction

Howard Hodgson | Charles: The Man Who Will Be King
28-Jan-07: biography

Phil Hogan | The Freedom Thing
11-Jan-05: fiction

Simon Hoggart | Playing to the Gallery
11-Jan-05: humour, politics

Simon Hoggart | Punchlines
09-Jan-05: humour

Simon Hoggart | Life's Too Short to Drink Bad Wine
25-Jun-09: food and drink

Wendy Holden | Bad Heir Day
25-Oct-04: fiction

Wendy Holden | Pastures Nouveaux
20-Oct-04: fiction

Wendy Holden | Azur Like It
18-Oct-04: fiction

Wendy Holden | Filthy Rich
19-Nov-07: fiction

Wendy Holden | Simply Divine
05-Nov-04: fiction

Wendy Holden | Fame Fatale
20-Oct-04: fiction

Anthony Holden | Bigger Deal
23-Mar-07: society, sport

Wendy Holden | The Wives of Bath
18-Nov-04: fiction, humour

Patrick Holford | The New Optimum Nutrition Bible
28-Dec-05: family and lifestyle, food and drink, health and fitness

Patrick Holford | Optimum Nutrition for your Child's Mind
16-Dec-05: family and lifestyle, food and drink, health and fitness, reference, society

Patrick Holford | The Holford Low GL Diet
02-Jan-06: family and lifestyle, food and drink, health and fitness

Patrick Holford | How to Quit Without Feeling S**t: The Fast, Effective Way to Stop Cravings Without Drugs
02-Jul-08: body mind and spirit, family and lifestyle, health and fitness

Patrick Holford | Food is Better Medicine Than Drugs
27-Jul-06: food and drink, health and fitness, reference, science

Tom Holland | Persian Fire
14-Sep-05: fiction

Tom Holland | Rubicon
16-Oct-04: history

Kelly Holmes | Get Your Kids Fit
21-May-07: family and lifestyle, health and fitness, society

Kelly Holmes | Black, White and Gold
06-Apr-06: biography, memoir, sport

Richard Holmes | Acts of War
23-Sep-04: history

Debby Holt | The Ex-Wife's Survival Guide
17-Mar-06: fiction

A.M. Homes | The Mistress's Daughter
29-Mar-07: biography, memoir

A.M. Homes | This Book Will Save Your Life
30-Mar-07: fiction

Carl Honoré | Under Pressure
04-Mar-08: family and lifestyle

Carl Honoré | In Praise of Slow
05-Mar-08: body mind and spirit, family and lifestyle, health and fitness

Billy Hopkins | Anything Goes
02-Dec-05: fiction, memoir

Billy Hopkins | Kate's Story
09-Jan-06: fiction

Cathy Hopkins | This Way to Paradise (Cinnamon Girl)
25-Jan-07: children's

Billy Hopkins | Our Kid
29-Dec-05: fiction

Billy Hopkins | High Hopes
09-Jan-06: fiction

William Hopper | The Puritan Gift
22-Apr-08: business

Craig Revel Horwood | All Balls and Glitter
22-Jun-08: biography

Elizabeth Jane Howard | Slipstream: A Memoir
25-Aug-06: biography

Audrey Howard | Painted Highway
23-Dec-05: fiction, romance

Stuart Howarth | Please Daddy No
27-Sep-06: biography

Susan Howatch | The Heartbreaker
23-May-05: fiction

David Howe | The Emotionally Intelligent Social Worker
20-Aug-08: education, society

Wei Hui | Marrying Buddha
11-Jul-05: fiction

C.C. Humphreys | Jack Absolute
01-Oct-04: fiction

CC Humphreys | The Blooding of Jack Absolute
08-Oct-04: fiction

John Humphrys | Lost For Words
29-Sep-04: society

Gloria Hunniford | Next to You
09-Nov-05: biography

Tristram Hunt | The English Civil War at First Hand
23-Sep-04: history

Seb Hunter | Rock Me Amadeus
18-Feb-06: humour, music, travel

Chris Hunter | Eight Lives Down
04-Oct-07: memoir

Douglas Hurd | Memoirs
30-Nov-04: biography

Gregg Hurwitz | We Know
06-Apr-08: fiction, thriller

Andrew Hussey | Paris: The Secret History
24-Apr-06: history

Nancy Huston | Fault Lines
02-Mar-08: fiction

Angela Huth | Of Love and Slaughter
18-Dec-04: fiction

Shaun Hutson | Necessary Evil
17-Feb-05: fiction, thriller

Shaun Hutson | Twisted Souls
03-Feb-06: fiction, horror

Will Hutton | The Writing on the Wall
25-Oct-06: history, politics, society

Pauline Hyde | The Adventures of Eddie: An Extra Special Pigeon
04-Jul-05: children's

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