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P. Thomson J. Graham | A Woman's Place is in the Boardroom: The Roadmap
25-Jun-08: business

Andrew Jack | Inside Putin's Russia
03-Sep-04: history, politics

Tim Jackson | Prosperity without Growth
11-Aug-09: economics, environment, lifestyle, society

P.D. James | Death in Holy Orders
15-Oct-04: crime

Alex James | A Bit of a Blur
20-Jun-07: biography, memoir

Peter James | Dead Simple
17-Feb-06: crime, fiction, thriller

Clive James | The Book of My Enemy
06-Oct-04: poetry

Tony James | Up the Creek
17-Jan-06: biography, sport, travel

Erica James | Paradise House
16-Sep-04: romance

Alexander Gordon Smith and Jamie Webb | The Inventors
07-Feb-08: children's

Diana Janney | The Infinite Wisdom of Harriet Rose
20-Aug-07: fiction

Julia Jarman | Peace Weavers
29-Nov-06: children's

Julia Jarman | Big Red Bath
30-Nov-06: children's

Julia Jarman | The Time-Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess
18-Nov-06: children's

Jonathan Jay | Sack Your Boss
07-Dec-05: business

Mike Jenkins | Child of Dust
03-Aug-05: fiction

Charles Jenks | The Garden of Cosmic Speculation
09-Dec-04: history, science, society

Paul Jennings | The Reading Bug
21-Sep-04: reference

Pam Jenoff | Kommandant's Girl
25-Mar-08: history, romance

Pam Jenoff | The Diplomat's Wife
28-Feb-08: fiction

Julian Baggini and Jeremy Stangroom | Do You Think What You Think You Think?
01-Sep-06: philosophy

Katherine John | Without Trace
07-Feb-06: crime, fiction, thriller

Katherine John | By Any Name
04-Feb-06: crime, fiction, thriller

John Lloyd and John Mitchinson | The Book of General Ignorance
10-Oct-06: education, humour, reference

Derek Johns | Wintering
23-Jan-07: fiction

Derek Johns | Wakening
14-Apr-08: fiction

Hugh Johnson | Pocket Wine Book 2007
25-Jun-06: food and drink

Steven Johnson | Mind Wide Open
28-Sep-04: science

Hugh Johnson | Hugh Johnson's Wine Companion
28-Oct-04: reference

Mark Johnson | Wasted
07-Mar-07: biography, memoir

Paul Johnston | The Soul Collector
06-Sep-08: crime, thriller

Paul Johnston | The Death List
28-Apr-07: crime

Mark Wilcox and Jonas Ridderstrale | Re-energizing the Corporation: How Leaders Make Change Happen
06-May-08: business

Steve Jones | The Single Helix
03-Oct-05: science

Lloyd Jones | Mr Vogel
30-Jul-05: fiction

Liz Jones | Liz Jones' Diary
13-May-06: biography

Steve Jones | Almost Like a Whale
04-Oct-05: science

Liz Jones | Purple Reign
18-Jun-06: biography

Steve Jones | Y: The Descent of Men
18-Oct-04: science

Janey Louise Jones | Princess Poppy Gift Collection
05-Jun-07: children's

Joan Jonker | Three Little Words
15-Jan-06: fiction

Joan Jonker | One Rainy Day
07-Jan-06: fiction

Joan Jonker | I'll Be Your Sweetheart
01-Dec-05: fiction, romance

Spencer Jordan | Journeys in a Dead Season
10-Oct-05: fiction

Ruth Joseph | Remembering Judith
04-Feb-06: biography

Emlyn Rees and Josie Lloyd | The Seven Year Itch
21-Dec-06: fiction

Lydia Joyce | The Veil of Night
09-Feb-05: fiction

Anthony Julius | Trials of the Diaspora
21-Nov-09: history

Tony Juniper | Spix's Macaw
21-Oct-04: society

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