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Martyn Waites | Born Under Punches
15-Mar-08: crime

Martyn Waites | The Mercy Seat
15-Mar-08: crime, fiction

Martyn Waites | Bone Machine
15-Mar-08: crime, fiction

Martyn Waites | The White Room
16-Mar-08: crime, fiction

Martyn Waites | White Riot
15-Mar-08: crime, fiction

Lou Wakefield | Rural Bliss
06-Jan-06: fiction

Matt Walker | Moths that Drink Elephants' Tears
16-Sep-06: science

John Walsh | Are You Talking to Me?
26-Nov-04: memoir

Maurice Walsh | The News from Ireland
16-Jun-08: history

Minette Walters | Fox Evil
24-Jan-05: crime, fiction, thriller

Minette Walters | Disordered Minds
05-Sep-04: crime

Nigel Warburton | Free Speech: A Very Short Introduction
06-Jun-09: philosophy

Nigel Warburton | Philosophy Bites
28-May-10: philosophy

Marcus Wareing | The Cook's Book
29-Jul-05: food and drink

Marina Warner | Signs and Wonders
08-Nov-04: society

Felicity Warner | Gentle Dying
14-Apr-08: body mind and spirit

Lynda Waterhouse | Sand Dancers: Blue Moon Ballet
09-Aug-10: children's

Lynda Waterhouse | The Sand Dancers Let The Dance Begin
13-Mar-09: children's

Sarah Waters | Fingersmith
05-Jan-05: fiction

Sarah Waters | The Night Watch
05-Oct-05: fiction

Molly Watson | In the Pink
05-Apr-05: biography

Keith Watson | Rough Justice
28-Sep-07: Drama, fiction

Daisy Waugh | Ten Steps to Happiness
27-Aug-06: fiction

Beth Webb | Star Dancer
05-Sep-06: children's

Thomas Weber | Hitler's First War
20-Aug-10: history

Fay Weldon | Auto Da Fay
08-Sep-04: biography

Fay Weldon | Mantrapped
29-Aug-04: fiction

Sue Welfare | Fallen Women
25-Mar-05: fiction

Michael Welland | Sand
21-Nov-09: environment, science

Spencer Wells | Journey of Man
15-Oct-04: science

David Wells | Complete guide to developing your own Psychic Ability
04-Apr-06: occult, philosophy

Stanley Wells | Shakespeare, Sex, and Love
16-Nov-09: Drama, education, literature, poetry

John Welshman | Churchill's Children
12-Feb-10: history

Scott Westerfeld | The Last Days
03-Nov-06: fantasy, fiction, horror, science fiction

Scott Westerfeld | Midnighters
03-Nov-06: fantasy, fiction, horror, science fiction

Scott Westerfeld | Parasite Positive
03-Nov-06: fantasy, fiction, horror, science fiction

James Whale | Almost a Celebrity
17-Jul-07: biography

Francis Wheen | How Mumbo Jumbo Conquered the World
08-Oct-04: society

Denise Whichello Brown | Teach Yourself Your Evening Class : Complementary Therapies
06-Sep-08: body mind and spirit

Jim White | You'll Win Nothing with Kids
21-Aug-07: family and lifestyle, sport

Nicey and Wifey | Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down
31-Aug-04: humour

Anthony Wild | Coffee: A Dark History
28-May-05: fiction, food and drink, history, politics, society

Philip Wilkinson | Restoration
28-Sep-04: reference

Mike Wilks | Mirrorscape
24-Sep-07: children's

Toyah Willcox | Diary of a Facelift
19-Mar-05: biography

Polly Williams | A Good Girl Comes Undone
03-Mar-08: romance

Marcia Williams | Charles Dickens and Friends
14-Dec-04: children's

Polly Williams | The Rise and Fall of a Yummy Mummy
07-Oct-05: fiction

Rowan Williams | Crisis and Recovery
17-Aug-10: business, economics, philosophy

Charlotte Williams | Sugar and Slate
01-Aug-05: history, politics, society

Gareth Williams | Angel of Death
26-Mar-10: history, science

Jeanne Willis | Shamanka
12-Dec-06: children's

Jeanne Willis | Who's in the Loo?
26-Jun-06: children's

Jacki Willson | The Happy Stripper
08-May-08: art, education, politics, society

Ian Wilmut | After Dolly
04-Jul-06: science

Jacqueline Wilson | The Story of Tracy Beaker
20-Mar-08: children's

A.N, Wilson | Iris Murdoch
21-Oct-04: biography

Frances Wilson | The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth
19-Jan-08: biography, literature, poetry

Jacqueline Wilson | My Sister Jodie
20-Mar-08: children's

Matthew Wilson | Making a Garden
31-Aug-09: home and garden

Jacqueline Wilson | Best Friends
18-Feb-05: children's

Robert Wilson | A Small Death in Lisbon
20-Apr-07: crime, thriller

Bob Wilson | Life in the Beautiful Game
23-Mar-08: biography, sport

Jacqueline Wilson | Jacky Daydream
20-Mar-08: children's

A.N. Wilson | The Victorians
21-Oct-04: history

Jacqueline Wilson | The Diamond Girls
21-Feb-05: children's

Jacqueline Wilson | Clean Break
12-Feb-05: children's, fiction

Robert Wilson | The Hidden Assassins
21-Apr-07: crime, thriller

Robert Wilson | The Blind Man of Seville
17-Apr-07: crime, thriller

Robert Wilson | The Silent and the Damned
19-Apr-07: crime, thriller

Jacqueline Wilson | Girls in Tears
29-Nov-04: children's

Laura Wilson | Stratton's War
11-Mar-08: crime, fiction

Jacqueline Wilson | Midnight
03-Sep-04: children's

Jane Wilson-Howarth | How to Shit Around the World
14-Dec-08: health and fitness, travel

Jane Wilson-Howarth | A Glimpse of Eternal Snows
13-Dec-08: family and lifestyle, health and fitness, memoir

Jane Wilson-Howarth | The Essential Guide to Travel Health
14-Dec-08: health and fitness, travel

Simon Winchester | The Map that Changed the World
17-May-05: history, science

Simon Winchester | The Meaning of Everything
10-Oct-04: history, reference

Simon Winchester | Krakatoa
09-Jan-05: history

Simon Winchester | The Surgeon of Crowthorne
08-Sep-04: biography, history

Robert Winder | Bloody Foreigners
15-Sep-04: history, society

Michael Winner | Fat Pig Diet
05-Oct-07: family and lifestyle, food and drink, health and fitness

Robert Winston | The Human Mind
28-Sep-04: science

Naomi Wolf | The Treehouse
07-Feb-06: family and lifestyle, health and fitness

Isabel Wolff | Behaving Badly
24-Jan-06: fiction, romance

Isabel Wolff | Rescuing Rose
24-Jan-06: fiction, romance

Isabel Wolff | A Question of Love
23-Jan-06: fiction, romance

Frances Wood | Hand Grenade Practice in Peking
22-Nov-04: biography

Deborah Wright | Under My Spell
10-Sep-04: romance

Ann Wroe | Perkin
06-Oct-04: biography, history

Duncan Wu | William Hazlitt: The First Modern Man
01-Jul-08: biography

Lucy Wyndham-Read | The No-Gym Workout
18-Dec-06: health and fitness

Diana Wynne Jones | The Merlin Conspiracy
07-Dec-04: children's, fiction

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